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Italy comes to carefree

The Story of Us

About us

When we look at our journey, we see the beauty that is woven from the hard work, the persistence and the passion that we use to operate our lives.

It was passion that led Federico Venturini and his wife, Viola, from Gualdo Tadino, Italy, to team up with an Arizona business owner of 30 years, Phil Igneri, and launch what we see today as, Pizzicata. This passion for Italian cuisine, giving our patrons an upper echelon experience and sharing our family recipes with those patrons is what drives us.

For us, the goal wasn’t to create just other restaurant, the goal was to exercise our creativity in a new way and share our passion with our neighbors in Carefree. We hope you enjoy our pinsa, but most importantly we hope you feel at home every time you walk into Pizzicata.